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Newrange gold - Pamlico

There have been several spectacular drill results released by Newrange Gold Corp from their recently acquired Pamlico project in Nevada.

June 19th (link)


July 7th (link)

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Some cock-stiffening intercepts, and Newrange have nicely included some geo-porn

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  • Massive grade smearing, gold is found in high-grade structures
  • No strong evidence for a large disseminated deposit.
    • Small areas of disseminated mineralization mineralization found where multiple structures intersect. 
  • Poor drill program execution - no real testing of structures, drilling appears almost random
  • RC drilling in a narrow structure gold deposit = cheap and nasty. Important controls on mineralization may be very hard to determine from small rock fragments.
  • RC drilling can also lead to significant grade smearing if not conducted carefully.
  • Next to the western hemisphere's largest munition storage facility
    • Negative: US military may not like explosives being next to its dumps
    • Positive: May be able to get cheap explosives
  • There has been significant prospecting around the project, there could be a chance to develop several several small high-grade zones into a moderate sized resource.

Rock Rant

I'm very disappointed with the drilling. Newrange are using RC drilling to explore the project. I understand that it is quick and most importantly, cheap, but you end up losing so much information.

The holes appear to be almost randomly orientated - what are they actually trying to drill?

They have the mapping and sampling from the ramp that identified 2-3 gold bearing structures.

red dashed line = traces of structures in the ramp
Why didn't they follow those along strike to see where they go? It looks like they have been very lucky, or do we have a forgiving, disseminated gold deposit?

Let us put the data through the de-intervalator:

ta daaaaaa!

Newrange have done a David Copperfield! All that beautiful gold has disappeared. Why?

You've guessed it, we have some beautiful examples of grade smearing. I would hate for a nEwsletter wrIter to have been confused by the press releases and think that there was potential for a high-grade disseminated deposit!

That big green hole is hole 17, my favorite:

  • We go from: 70.89m @ 3.57 g/t Au
  • To: 65.54m @ 0.396 g/t Au surrounding a couple of high-grade zones running
    • 4.58m @ 48.3 g/t Au
    • 0.76m @ 35.4 g/t Au

Note: 0.396 g/t Au = Waste (unless you're Coeur, when it represents a 'buying opportunity')

So to put it bluntly - 89% of the gold in 7.5% of the rock. No disseminated potential here, but it isn't all bad news, they have a ramp going into that zone, and so I wanted to understand the controls on mineralization.

Pam's varicose veins

From this I built a vein model to see if the thick hits were from wide, high-grade veins or some luck from drilling down the vein (so a wide apparent width). The veins were modeled by projecting the information mapped in the decline and linking them up with assays along strike.

Plan view 

So we have 3 principal veins

Holes drilled sub-parallel to veins = long intercepts!

The cool thing is, when you bring all those veins together, you get this:

Red box = area of thick >1 g/t Au intercepts

By building up a decent 3D model you can start to see how the pieces fit together. There is a small zone of >1 g/t disseminated mineralization where the 3 structures come together. The nice thing is that it is close to the ramp, which provide Newrange the potential to define a small tonnage "bulk sample" that they could extract and process to generate some news and maybe some loot.

Here is my Palmico model (link)

highest gold values where the veins come together, that's original
Sometimes you can do cool stuff when working in 3D and I feel that many exploration companies are missing a trick if they stay in Flatland (ask A Square) when looking at the exploration data.

District potential

This is what is interesting about Pamlico. in the initial drilling there hasn't been much evidence to support a large, disseminated deposit, but with careful, focus drilling (with a fecking core rig) Newrange may be able to define several small, high-grade zones that could hypothetically feed a small operation.

If you look at the entire district (and I am assuming that Newrange has most of it), you can see:

a metric feck tonne of veins

There are heaps of workings, following veins/structures for >1km along strike. There could be many, small high-grade zones there.

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