Monday, July 17, 2017

Camino - Adriana drilled

We had some more results from the diamond drilling at Adriana from Camino minerals (link).

They are putting a nice spin on it, some nice banner headlines stating that they have massive amounts of lovely copper carefully buried under the hills and deserts of Peru.

Lets look at where they have drilled:

Camino Minerals - drilling the same shit twice (TM).
Nice and imaginative, right fecking next to the RC holes.

So we see that there are several wide-ish intervals of ~0.6-0.7% Cu,

Greeeeeeen everywhere, apart from that crappy blue zone at the end of hole 4
But they have some smaller, higher grade intercepts. To the Intervalator!!!!!!!

Now we are less environmentally friendly
Feck, the green has gone, all we have are a few narrow >1% Cu zones floating like beige jobbies in a sea of dirt.

When we looked at the first section it would be easy to draw some nice overly-optimistic copper blobs, imaging the fun we can have interpreting that!! So I asked the FAG to do it for me....

Hello FAG here, I'm going to be using a very hi-tech tool here from the geophysist's toolbox to do my interpretation.

I known, it should be red. please don't judge me...
Geological interpretation is just joining dots, remember:

No data ≠ No copper

You have to be inclusive as there are bonuses (like in candy crush) for linking as many points as you can together. Try and bring out your inner artist, and if you need inspiration, think Dali, Picasso or Normal Rockwell.

There are hundreds of ways make the biggest shape possible. Here is mine, I went for the decapitated Llama as the project is in Peru.

the small blue intercept in hole DCH-002 is a dingleberry.

Unfortunately, the intervalator ruined it, so but, how do you join up the high-grade zones? Maybe there is a clue?

A geologist in his field...

There is a geo-chappy standing on, infront of an old mine. Do the working look like they have exploited:

  • A vertical mineralized zones?
  • A horizontal mineralized zone?
  • hit the Pisco and gone crazy?

So, it looks like the old miners extracted copper from near-vertical mineralized zones. This is what I think is happening at Camino.

ohhhh, shite, I won't get a Christmas bonus for this one....

I've also looked at the type of mineralization, as Camino like to tell us how much of the copper is soluble in acid (i.e. oxides)

Message to Camino - well done, it only took 3.5 months to change the units from g(rams) to Percent for the acid soluble copper assays. Good Job!
There is still a lot of acid soluble copper at some quite impressive depths. Is this because of the Diva fault and is just local, or is the transition from oxide to sulfide mineralization extremely extensive? There could be a call for some early metallurgical testing just to see how much copper can be extracted from this transition zone as the data seems to tell us that it could be very extensive.

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