Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pulacayo - a good or bad Prophecy

Pulacayo project, hmmm

Propecy Minerals, hmmm, wasn;t that owned by Apogee?

Lets check the Interweb for current news:

  • We're going to be at the PDAC (link)
  • We remembered where the project is and took some samples (link) - and pretended that we were gonna do some drilling, so here are some old results to give you a stiffy and some geo-pron to wank over (ohhhhhh, dirty rocks, mmmmm - I like the fact they they used a soft focus on a couple of photos to make them took sexier).
  • Toll mill PR (link) - I liked the April Fool's joke, and the drunk mill photos

I decided to do a detailed review of the projects to see if there was a fatal flaw, so I started with the front page

no issues here

oh fuck, it is in Bolivia, and this is what Monty Python has to say about that:

I was amazed on how much information Prophecy have on the project. We have:
  • Complete drilling data from the underground and surface drill holes
  • drill maps and sections
  • the resource block model
  • underground workings and topo maps
No company every does this, this is the sort of info you get if you sign a confidentiality agreements with them. This means:
  1. The project is for sale
  2. Massive problem(s)
  3. Both
Heck even the company has run off to go and mine coal in Mongolia and far around with the metal of the future Cobalt Vanadium.

Is there any potential to advance or develop the project - No

Can prophecy do anything with the project - No

The basically Prophecy are pimping the project like a (not very good looking) whore in the red light district of Amsterdam.

Paca = left; Pulacayo = right; Chihuahua = shareholder going to be fucked

Maybe Hecla or Coeur will buy it, they like buying 'challenging' projects.