Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tinka, Tailor, Soldier......Zinc!

Some new results from Tinka, so here is an update!


  • Hole A17-063 continued to give some excellent results. The lower zinc zone has been extended by >200m.
  • However, drilling away from the core zone just hit narrow, albeit high-grade zones and veins
  • Good potential to expand resources to the NW of holes 061 and 063 - Tinka are drilling holes 69, 70, 71 and 72 into this area and theses are holes to look out for as they could bring the size of the South Ayawilca deposit to >12Mt @ >7% Zn

I've also updated the Officially Bad (TM) resource table

A nice bump up in resources
I've also built up the Leapfrog Model (you can have a look at the 3D views - link), and included the faults from the plan map on the Tinka Website. I want to see how mineralization is related to the faults.

It sits nicely in the middle
We can see that the best mineralization is found between the 2 green faults. I've drawn a think black line to show what I think is the spine (i.e. the thickest part) of the mineralization.

It would be nice to see some holes to the SW (right) of hole A17-064
When we look at the section, we can see that hole A17-063 hit a high-grade, but relatively deep zinc zone, and the shallow zones hit by holes A17-056 and 061 don't continue to hole 063.

Why? Did they hit a vertical (chimney) zone of zinc mineralization, or is this upper zone hosted in a small, laterally discontinuous unit of favorable host rocks?

Left = horizontal mineralization; right = vertical chimney around hole A17-056
Tinka have been kind and included a map showing where the additional holes have been drilled, but the assay results haven't been released (it does take time to get the samples from the Andes down to Lima for analysis).


  1. INFERRED MINERAL RESOURCES AT AYAWILCA ZINC ZONE BY AREA (JUNE 29, 2016) is 2.4 bln does this reconcile with your estimate?

  2. Citizens best take note of AG's prime pick SolGold (LON:SOLG) and do it now. Co is moneyed up and on it's way to a TSE listing. Results are peacockiferous and perhaps highly.

  3. Two holes you suggested important are 69 and 70 -- they were released today and to my inexpert eye look good:
    Hole A17-069:

    29.3 metres at 10.4 % zinc, 17 g/t silver & 278 g/t indium from 271.4 metres depth, including
    12.1 metres at 19.1 % zinc, 25 g/t silver & 440 g/t indium from 287.3 metres depth;
    Hole A17-070:

    1.6 metres at 15.4 % zinc, 40 g/t silver & 529 g/t indium from 306.8 metres depth; and
    39.3* metres at 7.1 % zinc, 13 g/t silver & 100 g/t indium from 317.5 metres depth, including
    8.0 metres at 20.9 % zinc, 19 g/t silver & 265 g/t indium from 340.0 metres depth;

  4. Some new results from Tinka, so here is an update! Summary: Hole A17-063 continued to give some excellent results. The lower zinc zone has ...


  5. whats going on with tinka?