Monday, October 31, 2016

Sol Gold - porphyry demographics

Porphyries occur in distinct age ranges:

  1. Paleocene (~60 million years ago - we brreviate this to Ma) - e.g. Cerro Verde, Cuajone etc,
  2. Eocene-Oligocene (41-29Ma) - e.g. Chuquicamata, Escondida
  3. Miocene (20-7Ma) - e.g. El Teniente, La Granja, Junin.
Sometimes geology is cool, or more likely, I have no life.....
However, if you look at each group you can see that:
  1. Youngest deposits are better (bigger and contain more copper), that older deposits
  2. Ecuador is very under-represented - just 3 little blobs.
  3. The biggest deposits travel south for winter (the monsters are Chilean!)

So if Sol Gold went around their project and did a bit of age dating of their intrusive rocks at each prospect, could they find some that are a bit younger (think of it as looking for Halle Berrys rather than Jane Fondas - both attractive, but one is obviously better) that could be the BFD of porphyries in Ecuador?

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