Friday, October 21, 2016

Sol Gold - Cascabel Exploration Potential

I bought shares in Sol Gold because I think that there is good potential to find additional deposits like Alpala, but without all of that irritating, unmineralised crap that sits on top of it. I want to see some drilling at Aguinaga, where he have been given a teaser on its potential.

So why does Aguinaga make my rocks hard? Apart from being a perverted geologist  and attracted to shiny things (we are closely related to Magpies), I think that it has good odds of being the Jose Mourinho of targets at Cascabel (i.e. the special one).

The short version

  • They have found rocks at surface at Aguinaga that are very similar to what has been drilled at Alpala.
  • What would happen to Sol Gold if they found an Alpala-sized deposit at surface? 

The longer, boring version 

As a pseudo-scientist I have to provide some support for my ideas. This is what I think we have at Cascabel.

What is the evidence for this, well we need to acquaint ourselves with the parts of a porphyry deposit. They can be zoned, with discrete sulphide minerals found in the core and periphery.

High Cu-Au mineralisation is associated with bornite mineralisation (Wafi-Golpu - image above, Ridgeway, Mt. Polley etc.). Why don't we look at some photos of Alpala drill core.

What the feck are B-veins, well these little suckers are found proximal to the high grade core in many porphyry deposits. Here is the distribution of B-veins at Alpala,

More B-veins means higher grades.
So in the high grade part of the Alpala deposit we have a crap-load of B-veins and bornite, which is exactly what you see at surface at Aguinaga!

When you combine that with the geophysics you can see that Aguinaga is a very interesting target.

badly drawn red lines are my guesstimate location of porphyry deposits
The data shows that there is porphyry copper mineralisation at surface at Aguinaga. We don't have enough data to say how big it will be and what grades it will run. We need a truth machine (drill-rig) to tell us that!

My thinking was that there is a good chance that Sol Gold could fine an Alpala-sized deposit at surface at Aguinaga. If they do that, there we be lots of companies sniffing around to get a slice of the action before it becomes even more.


  1. For the record SolGold is an Australian company listed on AIM, a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange. The symbol is SOLG

  2. So we stumbled through this un (first time for LSE AIM) and here SOLG.l is.

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