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Monday, December 10, 2018

And now for something completely different....

I should have read the PR properly!

A rehash!

A massive shock, BHP released some exploration results....

This either means two things
  1. They're fecked and desperate for Eric Sprott's cash
  2. They've found something huge and they want to show-off
There wasn't much to go on from the PR, just some assays ...

obviously hole AD-23 included an intercept of 1m of 180% Cu...

Why don't we compare this against the discovery hole for a small deposit called Olympic Dam.

Source: Geology for Investors (link)
Here is the data in Leapfrog (link).

First thing, it is quite deep...

1.2km depth, I wonder if they'll have more water to pump than Platosa?


  1. Great discovery. The exploration group will be patting themselves on the back for months after this one.

    On the hole location screwup...they said this near the end of the release..."All drilling information prior to 2018 has not been through the same quality control and processes described in this release and uncertainties exist in respect to the survey (dip, azimuth)."

  2. Today we have a video clip of Mike McPhie of Prize Mining (PRZ.v) describing the arsesome smarts of 'high net worth investors' (read BridgeMark scammers) who are soooo exciting giving him $ 6.5m.

  3. Dear Mr. Angry: to be fair - they also say at the bottom of their release "The accuracy provided for datapoint locations (AD 4, 7, 13) cannot be confirmed! Assuming they still have the core they should be able to get a better idea just based on geology or assays! But indeed should be embarrassing for them - except they have potentially made a very significant discovery!

    1. To be fair it's Ms. Angry and frankly I believe the BHP (Big Hairy Puzzi) conspiracy theory 100%. Shooting for wicked dumbtard Sprottard dough here for certain these no-nothing amateurs.

      Nah I'm kidding. Tis a fork of a ways down wherever precisely that is no? These holes must be costing a semi fortune.

    2. It should be reasonably to use a GPS to get coordinates for older holes...unless they can no longer find the collars.

    3. That should read "reasonably easy".

    4. I should have read it properly, I was rushing to get something out as I was travelling.

      I've updated the post, but imagine if the previous holes have just gone a bit deeper

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    1. I thought a review of their third quarter financials might reveal what cash came in and what cash went out. (Cash flow statement, not income) So I went looking for it but it still isn't out. If it had followed normal release dates it would have been out in late October. I wonder why it still hasn't been released?

    2. If you are looking for a mystery try and figure out why RIO2 has only $3.5 in current assets with $500k in current liabilities. After much head scratching it LOOKS LIKE they CAPITALIZED millions of bucks in dirty fees. Need audited and they won't appear for a while. Pfffft.

  5. I've been pouring through the financials. Audited for PRZ.v come out at end of January. It's no secret they paid $5.5 of the $6.5 financing to BridgeMark. McPhie said as much. My other example is Alex Black's RIO2. $ 10.2m gonzo in 9 months and they 'did' zero on their flagship ground. Another example where dead free paper is getting blown out anonymously (BridgeMark) right now and at ever new 52 week lows.

    This fraud is massive large, open, and truly sickening. Cops should be involved and I am not kidding.

  6. Here's part 1. EVERY ONE of the BridgeMark cos I've checked so far are being sold off at 52 week lows, usually by 'anonymous'. Terds are cutting and running while they still can. Truly this is revolting and I have 'seen' plenty.

  7. GTT.v released another long one yesterday. Today we have a tour of BridgeMark's Anthony Jackson's newly bought shack ...

  8. I might suggest the possibility that the map showing drill collars on gravity has been provided in an old datum, AGD66, whereas the collar locations for new holes in the table are in GDA94...that would account for the systematic difference.

    Also, the GFI link misses what actually happened in the discovery of Olympic Dam. The first hole RD1 intersected about 30m @ 1% Cu. But the mineralisation was as fine-grained, disseminated chalcocite and wasn't initially identified due to difficulties in distinguishing it from dark grey hematite. Luckily WMC had a policy in place to assay every metre of drill core...

    The name of the latest area drilled is Oak Dam...a prospect known about since the 70's. Oak Dam East received most of the focus in those early days. Oak Dam West is the gravity feature most recently drilled.

    More info here:

  9. Things be getting interesting/grim with Mr. Alex Black's RIO2. Same lawyer handled PRZ.v scam BridgeMark financing scheme as RIO2's supposed $10m. And RIO2 director Daniel Kenny is a (very well) compensated partner in that precise office (DLA Piper). I figure better than $6.5m+ disappeared (i.e. was capitalized)

    It's all falling together and none of it is looking good for RIO2 stakeholders. I would not touch that total chit at any price.

  10. A cool resource on Stockwatch is 'trade workstation'. When a body signs up for a free trial you get to use it for 30 days. Using that one can see which houses are 'doing' what. I plugged in BridgeMark tarred PRZ.v and in the past 30 days 5m shares have been blown out anonymously. Amazingly, 1.6m in shorts magically disappeared too.

    As heinous, outrageous and open as the BridgeMark scam is, the public continues to get ripped off right this fukkin instant. Take a bow useless as fuk BCSC. BEWARE peoples. Be bloody aware. IF you find any sign of any of these basterds in your deal, run (don't walk) for the exit ... before some MFer beats you to it.