Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Maple Syrup....


uh.....uh....uh.....again...again....mooooree....come on, don't stop...oh....oh...YES... YES...YES...uuuuhhhhh...uuuhhh...ohhhhh...aaaarrghhh

I just love spreading maple syrup on my toast, smearing it to cover all corners so that with every bite I get that sweet golden taste between my lips.

but the other thing that is great to smear are gold assays....

it only took the gold from one Junior Exploco PR to kill this woman....

Maple gold recently reported some excellent results from Douay (link), but again we see that the BS-is strong with this one....

Wow, massive gold zones....

thick intercepts.....

Here is a leapfrog view on the holes in this PR (link), I'm hoping to have time to compile more data from it...

Here are the back calculated grades, removing the impact of the high-grade intervals.

aaaaand now they're gone

As we can see that most of the gold is found in a narrow high-grade zone and the majority (a small 137.2m) grades a lot less than 1 g/t Au.....

and here it is visually....

lots of nothing...

So all the gold disappears,  imagine what would happen if a handsome, chiseled, well-groomed newsletter writer had expressed some concerns with these results.......


  1. Reminds me of the old Kelloggs ad for Special K where they claimed the cereal plus 250 ml of milk provided all the calcium needed for the day. Of course it all came from the milk, not the cereal.

    This deposit has a published resource and looks to be a potential mine someday. I don't understand why management needs to be deceptive.

    1. I'm guessing that they have to sex-up the results to be on a level playing field with the more promotional companies.

  2. AG you are a bad rock doggy thingy. You are speaking of Maple Gold Mines Ltd. MGM.v. Last @ $ .155, a new 52 week low. BoyoTards have failed to convince any of the people this time around. Go Figure.

  3. Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plc – a serial offender for grade smeering and no details on where the holes are, angle or intercept depth.
    Announcement today:
    Significant intercepts and grades:
    3.0m @ 4.8 g/t Au (including 1.0m @ 12.3 g/t Au)
    2.7m @ 4.2 g/t Au
    Only those mineralised intercepts exceeding 2 gram-metres gold have been reported.  One drill hole (representing the majority of sub 2 gram-metre gold intercepts) was designed to test lode extensions to depth on a section of known lower grade.

    My interpretation
    14.4g/m ==> 1m @12.3g/t and 2m @ 1.05g/t so lower than the minimum 2g-m reporting “rule” they say they are applying.

    Their history of upgrading from 1moz JORC to a few hundred thousand oz is legendary!
    The 1 moz was reached by re-interpretation and no new drilling.

    1. Unfortunately it is a common trick, GMV resources have done something similar at the Mexican Hat deposit - resources expanded by a factor of 3, numer of new holes drilled = 0