Monday, June 18, 2018

Defiance Anomalies

Well feck my arse, Defiance have found some geofizz anomalies at San Acacio (link). Would these be the same as the huge silver anomalies that were announced in March?

You know, the ones where you still, after >7 months, haven't managed to release any results. I ahve to say, your property must be amazing, that none,not a single one of the holes drilled as part of your 5000m program that commenced in November of last year, hit a single interval that contained a moderate amount of silver. How shite is San Acacio?

Will we ever see these results, or was this a quick PR to hide Roger's resignation that was kindly squeezed in at the bottom of the PR?

Unfortunately, I'm not an expert on the AERI geophysical method, Defiance states:

Geophysicists, joining an dole line somewhere near you.

the exploration Silver Bullet, a a perfect, all singing and all dancing geophysical technique. However, I'm a bit skeptical, probably due to my lack of knowledge in the method, and I haven;t been able to fund much online, nothing about its "proof-of-concept testing resulting in multiple new discoveries in North America". So if anyone has some info, I would love to have a look.

Let's have a look at this anomaly..

I like the fact that only a small part of the survey area covers the resource

This survey area is different to the other, a dodgy drawing.

I love the way that you can't really relate the geofizz plan maps or sections to anything else. We can see that the Copper zone anomaly is 200-300m wide.

Defiance tell us that the anomaly compares favorable with geophysical images from the Cozamin Mine operated by Crapstone, so why don;t we compare the anomaly to a long section from Cozamin.

that massive triangle to the left.
huge isn't it....


  1. The saying is anomalies are like arseyholes and Venture promoters know enough to have several. I am nada impressed with Mexico and their drug cartels. A body can't find a better arseyhole, errr anomaly, in a place WITHOUT headless corpses?

  2. My best guess is that "Atomic Energy Resonance Imaging" is the scammer's version of nuclear magnetic resonance, which in turn is the basis for magnetic resonance imaging in the medical profession. It's definitely a powerful technology, but I'm not aware of any applications that could achieve the kind of geologic discrimination that the Defiance folks are claiming. It's not the first time I've seen NMR pop up as a promotional tool; there are s number of scam outfits in southern Nevada that are promoting it as a silver bullet and emptying the pockets of various claimowners and investors.

    1. When they state that the technique can differentiate between precious and base metal mineralization, my BS detector went into overdrive.

      I'm happy with high-quality mag, good geological mapping and geochemistry, with some focused IP/or similar method. Most junior companies do geophysics to produce a pretty map and do nothing with it.

  3. I would think they mean Atomic Dielectric Resonance imagery (offered by Adrok).

    Given their complete lack of understanding and unbelieveable claims it is quite likely they can't even get the name of the technique they used right. I love the fact Adrok claim ADR can be used to avoid drilling exploration holes.... even better for companies like Defiance .. who needs drillholes anyway?

    1. Exactly, especially as they holes that Defiance do drill, manage not to hit any mineralization.

  4. Looking at those plan maps and sections, I can get a remarkably similar effect with the "Blur" tool in Photoshop. I can also "math" on request( love the equations on the Adrock site).

    1. Isn't it cool, defiance have always been crap at presenting exploration data. Even on their long section (done in AutoCAD as a nice throw-back to the 1990s) you can't actually see where the drill-holes are located.