Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Arizona mining - pre-seminal press release

We got a Cowper release from Arizona Mining today, I'm guessing to tease us before the main throat yogurt release in a couple of days.

Just some metallurgical study results from a small composite sample from the Epitaph zone (where that may be), so my comment is:

RIP shareholder's money
My mistake, they have reduced the Mn content in the Zinc concentrate from:

13376ppm to 13200 ppm, a whopping 176ppm decrease!!!!

I received an e-mail from David Michaud or 911 Metallurgy, and he sent me a link to an excellent article/Q&A on Mn in Pb and Zn concentrates

here is the link


  1. unlucky but at least the tomb has lucky seven flowers. however, they will have a good BS story to spin those numbers.

    As you may know I been doing some search on Ana Paula after your article and also bought shares. As you have stated AP is small beautiful deposit. Been looking at the old PR news, checking videos of Minauram gold geologist talking about GGB. Also have looked at torex.
    With the land package bigger than others, I been thinking that TGD should be able to find more resources in their area. I found an old ZTEM survey done around 2013 and thought if you could shed some light into it. link is

    the link should work but if it doesn't work you should be able to search it in . Does that survey help and if so what are the possibilities that TGD might find more resources.
    Thought of emailing this but can;t seem to find your email. I have subscribed to you but i done seem to get any emails. Appreciate all your help

  2. Hello Po Go,

    I’m working on recompiling the AP data now and I’ll include that data.

    My e-mail is

    The Angry Geologist

  3. You do realize the 911metallurgy post you included supports the notion that the concentrates are saleable, and also easily blended to reduce penalties? The post would indicate that this Arizona project should be set to go assuming the numbers in the PEA pencil out.

    1. Yup, but it is very informative, which is why I included it as it provides information for people to make their own opinion on the Hermosa project.
      Simply put - unless it has some really nasty stuff, you can see virtually any concentrate, especially is you are willing to pay the penalties etc.

      We'll see what is in the PEA when it is released in the next 48 hours, but there are bigger issues with Hermosa than the Mn, you have a active local community that is vert strongly anti-mining.

    2. My post was referring to the fact that in the latest metallurgical study on a small (just 10kg) sample contains loads of Mn, which is strange as you would expect AZ Mining to at least try and sooth shareholder concerns and questions over the Mn content in the concentrates.

    3. typo alert
      Simply put - unless it has some really nasty stuff, you can SELL virtually any concentrate, especially is you are willing to pay the penalties etc.

  4. When this project proves to be incredibly successful and reaches full operation, possibly through a buy out, what will you then write?

    1. That I was horribly wrong, and that people can call me rude names in public on the viewpoint overlooking the Hermosa open pit.

  5. What's your thoughts about K92 mining and their projects? They think they will at least tripple the resource...

    Would love to hear your opinion.