Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sandra - has a driller knocked you up?

Are you pregnant? Cuz you're late
  • 166 days - 5 and a half months since you awarded the contract for the 43-101 calculation (link)
  • 121 days - 4 months since you teased us in a PR about metallurgical studies (link)
I'm sure that there is nothing to worry about, let us check out REX.V!

ohh, nasty....
OK, a 50% drop since 50% since September. Nothing to panic about, I'm sure you did the same as your peers and took advantage of when you share price was high to raise some cash.

oh, you didn't, oh dear

Well I hope those metallurgical results are good, but just a quickie - will you get them before the New Year (and I don't mean the Chinese one)?

Here is a funny chart - here are the PR headline grades from the Sandra PRs

They've become a bit average of late, can you drill some more good stuff, please?




  1. I have semi-news on SolGold PLC - AIM: SOLG.l

    Scott Caldwell (CEO of TSX-listed Guyana Goldfields Inc) joined the SolGold Board on 9 September 2016.

    SOLG.l is up again in London so AG yer punt is looking guruistic genius thus far.

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