Friday, September 13, 2019

Quick GGI update

PR from yesterday from Garibaldi (link), and I've updated the Leapfrog model with the results form holes 47 and 53 (link)

now some piccies

Hole 48

This is an infill hole, it is 16m from holes EL-17-09 and 10 and 10m from holes EL-17-14

However, the when we look at the lauded 44.5m at 1.2% Ni and 0.8% Cu we quickly see in reality this wide zone is really running ~0.5% Ni and Cu with the majority of the metals in the ~5m wide massive sulfide zone.

Hole 53

What we predicted, again, the massive sulfide zone was slightly wider than I had doodled in an earlier post.

How do this change the lower zone massive sulfide footprint?

a bunion
Not by much.

So how big is Nickel mountain? Here is my modeled Ni mineralization

Which gives me an approximate size of...

As people got butt-hurt about me comparing Nickel Mountain with Voisey's Bay, here it is compared to a multitude of Nickel deposits (source - link).

So, it isn't, what you would call a tier-1 deposit

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Canadian Topo Maps

Totally irrelevant post, but if you need reasonable topo maps for Canada, the Government of Canada have a great Google Earth link to their Digital elevation models

250K maps (link)

50K maps (link)

even cartographers don't give a shit about the Canadian Arctic
I've found that the best way to download the files is to right-click on the hyperlink and copy and paste it into your browser

Me, working on the Shovelnose property, with my reputation....
This will download a geotiff file for the area selected.

very cool