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Thursday, February 9, 2017

SolGold - Hole 18

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn why didn't I buy more shares. Cock!

Ok, SolGold have released the best of hole 18 last week, I was playing doing fieldwork and missed it, and the share price went up a little bit today.

This is what the hole 18 looks like.

I've doodled on what I think the mineralization looks like at Alpala
It was drilled approx. 90m away from hole CSD-14-008, and we can see its impact on my official bad (tm) resource calculations:


A nice 14% or 8% bump depending on the cut-off


A sweet 15% bump
This is what I think the outline of mineralization looks like at Alpala

If drill-holes 21 and 22 get some decent hits, we could see a nice bump up in resources, and I would like to see some drilling from the rig 4 site (to the west of hole 2), to see if the high grade zone continues to the SW?

Again, you can download the model and updated spreadsheet from here (link)