Thursday, February 9, 2017

SolGold - Hole 18

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn why didn't I buy more shares. Cock!

Ok, SolGold have released the best of hole 18 last week, I was playing doing fieldwork and missed it, and the share price went up a little bit today.

This is what the hole 18 looks like.

I've doodled on what I think the mineralization looks like at Alpala
It was drilled approx. 90m away from hole CSD-14-008, and we can see its impact on my official bad (tm) resource calculations:


A nice 14% or 8% bump depending on the cut-off


A sweet 15% bump
This is what I think the outline of mineralization looks like at Alpala

If drill-holes 21 and 22 get some decent hits, we could see a nice bump up in resources, and I would like to see some drilling from the rig 4 site (to the west of hole 2), to see if the high grade zone continues to the SW?

Again, you can download the model and updated spreadsheet from here (link)


  1. AMI wants to take the Town of Patagonia to court to prevent Road regulations that might limit the amount of traffic from their "possible" mine site

    1. Hahaha, how to make friends and influence people.

    2. Mr. Stabile, wondering why this isn't on the Hermosa blog vs. the SolGold blog above. I understand you are on the Patagonia town council. As such I don't see the purpose of your comment. As I understand it certain of the council are proposing to change the existing situation to make it more difficult to use trucks on roads in town. I am quite sure they don't want to take the town to court but I am sure they will if they are forced to.

  2. 42p now on this here peacockerized bad boy/rocket ship. It's not like AG didn't tell us about this here quickly appreciating gem before hand so that we could join him in bloated greed.