Saturday, June 11, 2016

Does Columbus know how to use a compass?

I'm working on compiling some data from the Eastside deposit, but I noticed this little howler. So I thought I would share it.

just a small part of the April 29th PR Map

and from the March, 2015 43-101 report:

Just a list of random number
Do you see it?

Here is a little clue.
On the map, the circles are where the drill-holes are located, next to each one is the following info:
  • Hole Name: e.g. ES-22
  • Angle of Dip: e.g. -45 (-90 = a hole drilled vertically down)
  • Azimuth: e.g. E (for east or 090), or because they are Sepos* they use Quadrant Bearings (e.g. S79E which for normal people is 101 - the bearing is 79 degrees from south in an easterly direction)
  • hole depth in feet e.g. 505' ("'" = ft - just ask Spinal Tap (link))
 Look closely at drill holes ES-14, 20, 21 22, and 31. Do you see it?
  • Drill-holes ES-14, ES-21 and ES-22
    • on the map they have been drilled eastwards (090)
    • in the technical report they are listed as being drilled westwards (270)
  •  Drill-holes ES-20, and 31, we have the reverse
    • onm they way the holes have been drilled to the west
    • in the table they are listed as being drilled to the east.
I', hoping that it is a little issue with the map, so, Colombus (thanks Adidas), give your drafts-person (we're PC here) a slap.

If it isn't a simple drafting errors and you've used the wrong values in the technical report, that would be interesting...

 *ask your Aussie friend what it means


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. The map is correct. The table, from a third party 43-101 reviewer, is not, but I am sure the table came from our data and I am also sure we should have caught this at some point in review. We will correct that table if it is still in use. Andy Wallace

  3. Thanks Andy, it sounds like an 'admin' error. It would have been bad if that error had persisted into future databases (it has been known!) and had been used for resource calculations.

    I can now sit back with that warm fuzzy feeling of having done something useful for today!

  4. Hats off for AG keeping these guys on their balls. This un appears a mistake and everybody makes those now and then. As an aside the link to dimwit MT's Inca Kola Blog seems peachy keen now, and I suppose I can understand far better than most why MT wants to remain semi-anonymous. Pfffft.