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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Does Columbus know how to use a compass?

I'm working on compiling some data from the Eastside deposit, but I noticed this little howler. So I thought I would share it.

just a small part of the April 29th PR Map

and from the March, 2015 43-101 report:

Just a list of random number
Do you see it?

Here is a little clue.
On the map, the circles are where the drill-holes are located, next to each one is the following info:
  • Hole Name: e.g. ES-22
  • Angle of Dip: e.g. -45 (-90 = a hole drilled vertically down)
  • Azimuth: e.g. E (for east or 090), or because they are Sepos* they use Quadrant Bearings (e.g. S79E which for normal people is 101 - the bearing is 79 degrees from south in an easterly direction)
  • hole depth in feet e.g. 505' ("'" = ft - just ask Spinal Tap (link))
 Look closely at drill holes ES-14, 20, 21 22, and 31. Do you see it?
  • Drill-holes ES-14, ES-21 and ES-22
    • on the map they have been drilled eastwards (090)
    • in the technical report they are listed as being drilled westwards (270)
  •  Drill-holes ES-20, and 31, we have the reverse
    • onm they way the holes have been drilled to the west
    • in the table they are listed as being drilled to the east.
I', hoping that it is a little issue with the map, so, Colombus (thanks Adidas), give your drafts-person (we're PC here) a slap.

If it isn't a simple drafting errors and you've used the wrong values in the technical report, that would be interesting...

 *ask your Aussie friend what it means