Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Southern Silver - the bermuda triangle strikes again

There seems to be a common theme among Mexican exploration companies to start drilling and then to 'forget' the results.

Defiance have been excellent, Minaurum are jealously copying their example, and now Southern Silver have decided to join the cool gang and invoking the spirit of Donald Judd, and presenting results with the goal to rid them of the promotionalist's reliance on the referential results from drilling and presenting news in pieces that are free from emotion.

Either that, or the results have been shite..

With Southern Silver
  • May 14th (link) - crews mobilized to drill Pene el Diminuto - Hazaah
  •  July 19th (link) - second rig on site to drill the epithermal targets at CLM west.
 I'm not concerned by the CLM west drilling, it is testing a conceptual idea, the drilling at CLM was meant to hit mineralization along strike from the current resource and hit it close to surface, but you would have expected them to have hit something in the last 3 months....

The tequila curse strikes again....


  1. Gonna be a busy fall for the AngryGeo I would think. We got GGI/MTS/GTT/GLDN/ABN/SKE/JUGR/GBR and others drilling up a storm. An avalanche of results are coming our way!

  2. Yeah right. GGI results are behind a desk somewhere, GTT have already returned chit and others are basking as 'one hole Sprott wonders'. Tis only an avalanche if career useless Venture fukheads actually REPORT em. Not material says they? Pfffft.

  3. Can this angry woman actually write an intelligible sentence?...still waiting...