Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Point - Majuba

Sometimes it is good to get someone to check your press release before it is sent into the wide blue yonder...

You know, maybe it would have been nice to have shown the column listing the gold assays?


  1. Just learning and curious about reporting drill results...was this accidental or deliberate? And does public disclosure requirements require the gold assays or does it depend on what mineral the company hopes to be finding?

    1. This was just a cock-up. I'm guessing that they took a screen shop and did't quite extend the selection far enough and ended clipping off the gold assay column.

      Regarding disclosure requirements - it all depends if the project/news is material to the company. For New Point, as this looks like being their main project, it would be material.

      For mining companies - they really don;t report any technical information/exploration results etc. as their value is driven by their operations and profit/losses.

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