Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tinka Update

In my earlier post (link) I made a mistake when calculating the resources, a simple excel error.

I accidentally multiplied the volume by the Zn cut_off grade so severely skewed the high-grade resources. It was amateur time and I apologize for such a stupid mistake. I've salso updated the Specific Gravity to 3.6 from the 2016 technical report by RPA. I had originally used 2.9 (which was an average from several similar deposits)

Here is the updated resource table, including the latest set of results

So I've updated it and included the new drill-holes, if we ignore my earlier inaccurate resource, we've increased the tonnage . I'm not going to do a full post as I'm trying to get my hands on the DH collars for the earlier Tinka holes to see how the 2 resources may connect!

There are what the holes look like

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Hole 69 was drilled ~50m away from hole 65 and shows that the lower manto looks nice an continuous, but the upper manto is much thinner and inconsistent.

Hole 70 appears to show an offset in the lower manto mineralization. This may be due to faulting or as I don't have the down hole survey data, I', not able to plot the holes very accurately, and the Zinc zones in holes may line up. The good news is, again we have a nice consistent Zn zone (with a high-grade core) that is open to the NW (right) and SE (left). A few holes here could add a lot of tonnes relatively quickly!

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  1. I believe I'll send my (highly) abusive e-mail regarding TAG to President Trump. Perhaps he'll spank TAG on Twitter. Anyways, TK.v is high on this radar and in spite of great ignorance about Zinc and the mining thereof I like the deal. I believe it should be bought.

  2. I'll update TAG on the commercial production announcement from Pretium Resources Inc.'s Brucejack. (PVG.t). Here's the part that TAG predicted 100% bang-on "Higher-grade ore has begun to be introduced to the process plant as work continues on optimizing recoveries in the gravity and flotation circuits."

    A horse, of course, these dorks will be pushing through the good, eyeball picked over stuff first. So we wait another 6 months hence for the REAL numbers to appear eh?

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