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Saturday, January 28, 2017

SolGold - Casabel Update

DISCLOSURE - I own shares in SolGold as I think it is one of the best porphyry projects currently being explored.

We have been receiving some news from SolGold about how drilling is progressing at Cascabel (link and link).


  • No surprises, the holes announced (18, 19 and 20R) hit copper mineralization where expected
  • Hole 18 is an infill hole = will return great grades but won't add many tonnes
  • Hole 19 and 20 are very conservative, with minor (50-75m) step outs from earlier decent grade holes
    • they appear to show that the porphyry is quite narrow (~250m wide)
I was disappointed that Sol Gold wasn't going to be a but more adventurous with their drilling and have one of the 3 rigs drilling a bit further away (e.g. around Alpala SE) to test the upside at Alpala - is it a series of medium sized porphyries or 1 enormous one.

Maybe next time...

Here are my officially bad (tm) resource calculations

So that isn't too bad, it will be interesting how these results compare to the official numbers.

You can download my 3D model and resource calculation spreadsheet from here (link), and you can e-mail me if you want the complete project.

Section 1 - Hole 18

Black bars = where DH have intersected copper mineralization in SolGold PRs
We can see that hole 018 is only 50m away from hole CSD-14-008 and CSD-15-014. We can then predict what it will intersect my predictions are:

  •  0.5% Cu and 0.5 g/t Au from 1000 to 1450m
    • including ~0.8-1% Cu and >1 g/t Au from 1050 to 1250m

Section 2 - holes 19 and 20R

Red line - approx. extents of porphyry mineralization
We can see that holes 19 and 20 are again minor step outs from earlier high-grade holes, and hole 19 hit mineralization where expected (i.e. at the same point where hole CS-16-017 hit mineralization), as did hole 20R. No surprises here. My prediction for hole 19 is:
  • 0.5% Cu and 0.6 g/t Au from 325.6 to 1161.5m
    • including ~0.6-0.8% Cu and ~1 g/t Au from 850 to 1161.5m
    • 325.6 to 850 will run around 0.4% Cu and 0.35 g/t Au
For hole 20 I'm not going to predict grades, but I think that Cu-Au mineralization will be intersected from 905.4 to 1450m, where it will pass very close to (less than 50m) hole CSD-16-016 that hit a nice high grade zone from 934-1301m that graded 1.34 g/t Au and 1.01 % Cu.

One downside is that the porphyry appears to be quite narrow (only 250-300m) wide, the best mineralization is very deep (750m depth).