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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dark Star - Redux

This is just a quick update, I made the last post a bit too technical, and here is a simplified version.

Drill-holes 16-03B shows the zone of good (>1 g/t) gold mineralization has been extended by another 100m to the south of drill-hole 16-08. This zone is now 350m long.

Unfortunately, drill-hole 16-01 may suggest that the gold zone at North Dark Star is very narrow, maybe only 100m wide. This is not good,

Originally I thought that at North Dark Star there is a high grade core grading >1 g/t Au (this is a good open pit grade), and the gold grades gradually decreasing as you move to the south and west. This is similar to what you see at the main Dark Star and Pinion deposits.
Red = high grade; yellow = low grade. Blue = Dark Star Fault
My back of the envelope guesstimate was that we had a gold zone that was:
  • 400m long, 250m wide by 150m vertically.
  • I used a specific gravity of 2.8 tonnes/m
  • 42 Mt @ ~0.75 g/t Au or just over 1M oz Au - this is similar to the other deposits scattered around the project

But, drill-hole 16-01 seems to show this:
red = high grade; yellow = low grade
A very small high grade zone, with a small low grade halo. This reduces my guesstimate potential to be:
  • 350m x 150m x 100m using an SG of 2.8 = 14.7Mt @ 0.75 g/t Au
  • or a potential for ~350,000 oz Au - a 65% reduction. 

So in summary, if hole 16-01 is correct, North Dark Star is very small, and we are getting a repeat of what has happened at the other deposits GSV has drilled - a few good holes and then nothing. Let;s move on the the next target...

They see to have done this time and time again - at North Bullion, Pinion, Central etc etc.

How have they managed to be so lucky and get such great drill-holes from what have turned out to be some very average deposits?

Let us look at their proposed holes for the Main Dark start deposit - drill-holes DS16-17, -18 and 20.

Proposed drill-holes - main Dark Star deposit.
All three are planned to be drilled into the highest grade part of the already defined gold mineralization within the deposit. It guarantees some great assays but all they are doing is duplicating the historic drilling, and when they do a new resource calculation, you'll probably find (unless SRK are involved) that not much will have changed.

A nice little example of Promo exploration.